Ahimsa Wellness Studio

Located at Wise Physical Therapy

14953 Kutztown Road, Kutztown, PA 19530



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Ahimsa is the idea that every living thing possesses divine energy, so to harm one another is to harm oneself... and that is the message we like to convey by providing a loving environment for practitioners to explore what it means to be "well".

Ahimsa Wellness Studio started at a Sunday School room in Mertztown, grew into its own studio space in Topton, and now moved to a larger studio at Wise Physical Therapy in Kutztown. Beginning with just one yoga class a week, Ahimsa has grown into an intersectional space for overall wellness.

We offer a range of classes and events from yoga & meditation to reiki & Yoga Teacher Training.

One phrase we hear from new yogis all the time is "I've never done yoga before! I have [back pain, knee pain, a hip replacement, etc]. Can I still do yoga?" Our answer is an overwhelming YES! ... because you'll be surrounded by people who once said the same thing!