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Ahimsa (uh-him-sah) is the idea that every living thing possesses divine energy, so to honor one another is to honor oneself... and that is the message we like to convey by providing a loving environment for practitioners to explore what it means to be "well".

Beginning with an emphasis on yoga, Ahimsa has grown into an intersectional space for overall wellness. The studio is truly a reflection of its practitioners. As new people enter our space and share their journeys with us, our services align with them. From yoga to running club to energy work and book club, the teachers listen to the whispers of the Universe and follow its call... after revealing a new offering, we often hear stories from practitioners that they were talking with friends or family about the same idea just moments prior.

After entering our space, you will feel an undeniable sense of community & connection with those around you... we all have the same energy within, after all (Ahimsa).

One phrase we hear from new yogis all the time is "I've never done yoga before! I am [heavier than I used to be, older, have more aches & pains, etc]. Can I still do yoga?" Our answer is an overwhelming YES! ... because you'll be surrounded by people who once said the same thing!

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