Reiki Master & Medium

Yoga Teacher


"It's not a matter of strength, it's a matter or repetition. Despite how many times you fall, you always get up. You can be strong, but if you don't get up, what use is it?"


A Hot Yoga Teacher ;)

Reiki 1 Practitioner

If you like to kick up the heat for a faster flow, then Jess is your teacher! Her classes are the perfect level of challenging; leaving you feeling strong and accomplished.

Shelby B.

Core Yoga Instructor

Reiki 1 Practitioner

Shelby B. is our Core Yoga Teacher! As a dedicated athlete and coach, she specializes in Yoga for Athletes & is a great resource for all active yogis. If you're looking to work on your core strength or tap into her endless knowledge of fitness, her class is for you!


Meditation Guru

Reiki 1 Practitioner

Rooted in her fire for personal growth, Steph writes her own meditations to share with each of you. She's experienced the transformation of learning how to meditate and harness the mind. She does not expect you to be a master at meditating, rather she wants to guide you into a sacred space to discover the stillness of your mind.


Kids Yoga Teacher

Reiki 1 Practitioner

Jenn is our Kid's Yoga Guru! From pre-natal to adult, she will guide you and your family through an intentional, mindfulness-based practice. Yoga at an early age can promote emotional coping mechanisms, focusing skills, and awareness. She also runs her own studio (YogaCsordas) and is a fellow minimalist!
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