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Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Do Crystals Really Work?

Walk into any alternative healing center, and you’ll probably come across some crystals or a singing bowl. Why? Do these things actually work? Or are they just for “hippies?”

Science is my first true love, so when I was introduced to yoga and noticed a lot of colleagues posting about crystals, I told myself that I’d never get into that.… and here I am, some years later, owning seven crystals and using them regularly. But why???

What’s the science?

Let’s look at a recent trend: minimalism. We’re all becoming familiar with names like Marie Kondo and The Minimalists, who teach people to only keep items that add value to their lives. Many people find success with this process because they feel like a physical weight has been lifted from their lives. As they purge unnecessary items, their minds become clearer. It seems as though there’s a connection between physical and spiritual. Hmmmm…

The theory here is that the items you see around you are made up of atoms that are always vibrating. These vibrations hit the atoms in the air (ya know, oxygen and stuff), which transfer vibrations to the atoms that compose OUR physical bodies. So that stack of papers in the corner? It’s literally hitting you in the face. Get rid of it, and these vibrations that smack your body will lessen.

This is just one theory on minimalism, but how does it connect to crystals?

Vibrational Theory

Well, since each crystal looks and feels physically different, they are comprised of different atoms vibrating at different speeds. So imagine this: you walk up to an assortment of crystals lying on a table. There’s an iridescent, light pink one, a deep, green crystal with a creamy look to it, an orange one, a deep blue crystal, and so on and so forth. A person at the table asks you to “choose the one that speaks to you.” And for some reason, you select the green, creamy one. He says, “hold this one over your heart. It’s a stone that allows you to have guidance in selecting a life partner. Not necessarily a romantic relationship, but someone to help you walk through life, who will support you and you them.” Who came up with this???

Ironically, at this time I was going through a period of testing different career options and felt like I needed a structured group of people to support me during my exploration. I had been searching for a support system for a few weeks, but kept getting blocked. Yes, this is a true story—the table was at Lehigh Valley Yoga Fest 2018. Now what made me choose that stone?

Perhaps, the stress of my circumstances caused a shift in my own vibrations, and that green stone vibrated at just the right speed to align with me. One might say, “it resonated with me.” Hmmm…

I still don’t believe in it…

Now, let’s say this Vibrational Theory doesn’t work for you. Maybe there’s a flaw in the logic or it isn’t robust enough to sway you to the crystal side. Well, here’s the foolproof answer if you are thinking about getting into crystals, but need some excuse to tell your friends and family when they ask about your collection. Tell them it’s an object to give you an intention for how you live your day.

Example: rose quartz is a stone for unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, and motherhood. Perhaps you have a trying work environment, and you want to take an approach of kindness. So you take your rose quartz and stick it in your pocket with the intention of walking through the day with a spirit of Love. Maybe you forget it’s there, become frustrated, then unintentionally brush your hand against your pocket, only to feel the stone again and rework your mind—erasing those negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones that also uplift your mood! It’s as simple as that. It’s an object of intention, no skepticism needed.

Where should I get crystals?

If you’re local to the studio, I HIGHLY recommend shopping at Bey’s Rock Shop in Boyertown. They are extremely educated and have a huge, affordable collection of well-sourced stones. If you want to learn more about crystals, check out a few websites like and or contact us!

This blog entry does not represent professional medical of psychological advice from Shelby Kuchenbrod or Ahimsa Wellness Studio LLC. For professional advice, please connect with a qualified medical or mental health professional.

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