Why A Certain Flu is Good to Get while Mercury is in Retrograde | Shelby

Disclaimer #1: I am by no means a professional on this topic. The following are simply some reflections on my current experience.

Disclaimer #2: I am writing while experiencing this special flu, so thank you for forgiving grammar and overall communication issues ;)

What is an energetic flu?

An energetic flu feels very similar to a regular flu. You might experience any or all of the following:




-weak muscles



...and the list of pleasant symptoms continues. However, you aren’t physically sick; yes, your symptoms are real, but your lymph nodes probably aren’t swollen, and your mucous isn’t yellow or green as it would be with an infection.

An energetic flu is a sign of detoxing on a spiritual level. Sounds funny, right? Well, if you’re a fan of energy work (reiki, shamanism, some types of massage), you know that any time your body moves into a higher vibrational state, it will release old traumas, holding patterns, and habits. Your muscle aches? That can be from higher vibrations trying to crash through blocked energy pathways. Each step closer to your Highest Self can come with a period of detoxing your old self.

If you decide to receive energy work, or currently do, you might experience this energetic flu plus odd sleep patterns, weakness, headaches, or any range of detox symptoms. This is a great time to listen to what your body needs. Does it need rest? Then know that every responsibility that you have can be managed while you take care of yourself during this time. Is it asking for liquid food for a few days? Then grant it that freedom. Your body might be detoxing your liver, as well. If your symptoms are too extreme, ask your Spiritual Guide (whoever/whatever that may be) to take some of the energy or redirect its pathway.

What does this have to do with Mercury in Retrograde?

If you follow the right people on social media, you might be noticing the recent posts about fearing Mercury going into retrograde. It’s a time where crazy people or situations tend to enter your life (at least more than normal) and communication gets more difficult—perhaps leading to more of those crazy situations. However, the best way to deal with Mercury in Retrograde is not to fear it.(As with all things, if you can’t control it, release your fear of it).

This is, however, a perfect time to reflect on the past. Don’t be quick to make any sudden life changes, but move with fluidity and slowness. This is why I believe an energetic flu is a perfect companion for Mercury in Retrograde. As I’m weak and barely moving from the couch, I reflect on just last week, when I was going from class to class with the gym thrown in the middle. How was my body able to handle that? And how was my mind able to keep track of that schedule AND my to do list at work?

Needlesstosay, I have minimized my schedule and removed anything nonessential. And with the schedule that remains, I will take things slow. Everything that MUST get done, will get done.

This blog entry does not represent professional medical or psychological advice from Shelby Kuchenbrod or Ahimsa Wellness Studio LLC. For professional advice, please connect with a qualified medical or mental health professional.

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