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So let me start by saying, I though it was allergies! I suffered from allergies since I was a kid until I started studying Herbalism over a year ago. My teacher told me to go dairy-free during allergy seasons, and voila! No more allergies… until this season because…

… ice cream is a weakness. My allergies are completely avoidable.

Anyway, what I thought was allergies has definitely turned into a cold! Because of the Herbalism training I received, I no longer take over the counter meds from drug stores, and I’ve found that many people seek to do the same. So here’s my Cold Lineup (completely different from what I would do with the Flu). Each item discussed will have a corresponding link at the bottom of the page if you’re curious to learn more:

Before I share the super-healing powers that each of these items possess, let me do the safe thing and say that if you feel unwell, consider going to a medical practitioner; each body is different, so things that work for me might not work for you. Additionally, I don’t experience any side effects from these, but anything can yield a side effect, so make a wise decision for yourself.

I will note that most meds I’ve taken in the past have lengthy, unpleasant side effects listed on their bottles, and these herbal bottles are absent of a “side effects” section.

1. Trace® Minerals Power Pak: a natural electrolyte drink. I use these at the beach when I start to feel fatigued from sitting in the sun for too long, when I’m working out, when I need a boost at work, and when I’m sick. Aside from electrolytes, they’re paked (pun intended) with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Plus, the coloring is natural, coming from fruit powders(1).

a. It was always disturbing to me that OTC meds were dyed red or orange or blue… how does that help me heal? And what color was it before the artificial coloring?!

b. Power Paks come in a variety of flavors, but trust me that the berry flavors are the best. Minerals are disgusting and can be a hard flavor to hide. Save yourself the time. And the more concentrated, the better it tastes! Just like juice!

2. David Winston’s Herbal Relief™: speaking of disgusting, brace yourself! But there’s a reason I continue to succumb myself to this unappetizing herbal blend. David Winston is the father of herbal tinctures. He started making blends when he was in his teens, and if you want to become an Herbalist, the pros will tell you go to Winston’s school… so yeah, he’s pretty legit.(2)

I use this spray frequently because colds tend to start in my throat versus my sinuses. So once I feel discomfort, I start spraying! If I’m late to the game, like today, I use it to replace cough drops. It soothes my sore throat, plus I only need it 3 times a day versus when I used to go through 10 cough drops easily (3).

3. North American Herb & Spice Oreganol™: CAUTION: this is an extremely hot oil. It will burn your eyes and other sensitive areas. That said, it can kill anything that attacks your immune system. Absolutely demolishes it. Their call center is incredibly resourceful, and I’ve called them on multiple occasions asking for dosages and when to take a probiotic in addition (because it can kill bad and good bacteria—the ones that help you digest) (4, 5).

a. It took me a month to work up to the dosage I currently use. They sell regular strength, so start easy. They also sell capsules, but liquids are more easily assimilated into the body. I believe that North American Herb & Spice is the best brand for oregano.

4. Natural Path Silver Wings™ Colloidal Silver: colloidal silver has been used for YEARS to help with anything from first aid to more serious illnesses. I’ve used it in everything from my eye to water to directly under my tongue. It’s quite versatile! That said, it’s still a metal, so I use it with caution, but for a cold, it’s my #1. Silver Wings™ has this herbal tincture, which includes Echinacea and Oregano—two more immune-boosting herbs (6, 7).

a. When buying colloidal silver, know the difference between atomic and ionic. I always go with atomic (8).

5. Xlear® Saline Nasal Spray: two sprays of this sucker, and I can breathe again!—for a good couple of hours, which is enough time to fall asleep when my stuffy nose is keeping me awake. What I like about this spray in particular, is that they use Grapefruit Seed extract as a preservative, but GSE ALSO helps with killing bacteria! Companies that make natural remedies are so thoughtful, sometimes! I love it! (9, 10, 11)

a. Grapefruit Seed Extract is great for traveling! I’ll put it on my food, in my water, and on my toothbrush because it kills amoebas and is good for your gums! (10, 11)

If you’re local to the studio and want to purchase any of these, I highly recommend Second Nature in Kutztown. If you’re not local, try searching for a local Health Food Store. Regardless of where you live, support a local business! It’s easy to buy online or from big business, but the workers at Health Food Stores provide individual consultations (most of them for free). Support the people who support you!

This blog entry does not represent professional medical or psychological advice from Shelby Kuchenbrod or Ahimsa Wellness Studio LLC. For professional advice, please connect with a qualified medical or mental health professional.












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