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I did not believe in mediums. Having grown up hearing about the "Long Island Medium" and "Ghostbusters," I paid no attention to the validity of their work. I thought it was fake and a capitalism on grief. I pictured these mediums with their crystal balls taking advantage of people who were in the midst of processing some intense emotions. I thought there was a formula to what they said, making their clients think their work was valid... then I heard a voice.

I was training to be a Reiki Master at the time, conducting a session as usual. I moved my seat around to the right side of the client and saw a penny on the floor. I held it up and the client gasped! She said, "my mom talks to me through pennies. I went to a medium after she passed, and I've come across so many pennies at just the right times." Wanting to experiment with my energy work skills, I asked if she was open to me doing reiki on the penny. She said yes, so I held the penny in my hands, closed my eyes and heard "I love you. I'm not done with you yet. I love you. I'm not done with you yet." over and over and over again.

About a week later, I saw my teacher* for my own healing session. When I asked her what this experience meant, she simply responded with, "do you believe in mediums?" I paused for a moment and said no. "You should probably start believing... you are one."

Since then, I have practiced (and continue to learn) how to use this skill. I bond with clients when something incredible happens, and they respond with shock. It's still surprising to me how powerful mediumship can be!

It's not my goal to persuade everyone to believe mediumship is real, or to gain every client I possibly can. I believe that what I can offer will find the people who need it most, and those are the people I look forward to meeting. If you think this is you, I encourage you to reach out**. It can be scary, not knowing what to expect, if you haven't seen a medium before, but it can be an incredibly healing experience. You will receive what you need at just the right moment.

Sending You Hope & Happiness Always,


*Dr. Alyssa Lindahl, Psy.D. of Masters Healing

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