Thank you, Yoga | April

Thank you, Yoga…

For helping me to not need any pills for my anxiety and intermittent depression. It seems like my entire adolescent and adult life has been riddled with battling the crippling effects of both. Every relationship I have, with friends, family, lovers, co-workers—every aspect of my life suffered because of my inability to get out of my head.

That was until I found Yoga. Yoga helped me learn body awareness and how to not use food as punishment or pleasure...I can now eat to nourish myself and stop once I'm full.

Thank you for showing me that everything I ever needed was right here inside of me and that I didn't have to compare my heart, mind, or body to anyone else’s. I am perfect and beautiful just as I am. I continue to show up on my mat and practice not for the applause of others as I twist or move into more difficult poses, but simply because it has become a feel-good habit.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to become present and finally enjoy the moment I'm in. I can give my thinking mind a break and move in a beautiful dance, connecting to my breath.

Thank you, Yoga, for showing me my frailty and strength.

Thank you for the SILENCE and the comfort.

The moment I decided to commit to my practice and let go of fears, I found more than I could have imagined: the ability to love my body and how to forgive myself, to stop holding onto and placing so much blame on my shoulders.

Thank you, Yoga, for reminding me of the DIVINE within.

Thank you for giving me a place to release all of my stored-up emotions.

Thank you for showing me I'm worth the time I take to practice. I've glorified busy, as the best way to be.

Slowing down felt like I was wasting time or that my time would be better spent doing a million other things.

Thank you for the clarity, that I am ENOUGH and worthy of my own love.

It seems like everyone these days has a similar struggle or is coping with some type of stress, anxiety, depression, or self-loathing. For some, it happens sporadically, and for others it is a daily battle. Regardless, the practice of yoga and its benefits are available to you! You don't need any experience—regardless of your age, physical fitness, or beliefs, yoga is for EVERYONE and EVERY BODY! Establishing a physical practice is one way that yoga can help you to release stored up tension within the body, but the real power comes from harnessing your mind, feelings, and intellect to create changes that are rooted much deeper. As the New Year approaches and you begin to set goals or resolutions, perhaps take a moment and reflect on how you want to feel. How do you want to live each moment?

Even the thought of yoga can create stress, but it’s easier than it looks! There are simple poses and more complicated ones, and there are poses for YOU! One nice thing about yoga is you can do it almost anywhere, without the need for special equipment or clothes. Yoga is beyond the physical though; it’s a connection between your mind, body, and breath. While making these connections, you become more focused, balanced, calm, and relaxed, which in turn helps you step off your mat and into the day with a renewed sense of well-being and clarity!

There a plenty of great videos online you can follow right at home, and with so many different types of yoga, there is sure to be one that resonates with you! Grab a friend and go check out some classes at a local studio!

Give yourself the gift of health and wellness.

The purpose of this blog entry is to share body image related ideas and does not represent professional medical of psychological advice from April Bland or Ahimsa Wellness Studio LLC. For professional advice, please connect with a qualified medical or mental health professional.

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